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What is so interesting about this project?

What is WiKissMe?

This is a Wiki that uses plain text files to store data.

Why use WiKissMe?

Because is good and easy to install, maintain and use.


Why use text files?

Why use plain text files instead of "real" database?

For various reasons:
  1. The installation is literally coping the files. No need to do any kind of special setup of databases.
  2. All the information is kept in a format that is completely independent of machine, platform, operating system and whatever changes came overtime.
  3. Very easy to have regular backups and history at the same time by putting the pages storage in CVS/SVN repository.
  4. Very easy to synchronize copies of the content (website, home & office computer) by synchronizing the folders or update through CVS/SVN.
  5. Ability to work offline - on a local copy of the text file, later update it online by synchronizing or by CVS/SVN commit, or by other methods.

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