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Links to Wiki systems

Information about wiki software.


TigerWiki was a minimalist open source flat file wiki software written in PHP by Chabel. Based on roWiki, it takes its basis while adding several functionalities such as password protection and the management of page revisions. Tigerwiki did not have a templating system.

roWiki is a small 9KB script (in its latest version) which supports wiki markup, recent changes and history. roWiki author is Marc Rohlfing . Project is long dead and original website inaccessible. If you would like to see roWiki, you can download it from roWiki-1.05.tar.gz.

LionWiki is a minimalist Wiki engine programmed in PHP. It is extensible, templatable, file based (it doesn't need database like MySQL) and requires just one file to function. It is suitable for small websites, personal notebooks or journals.

WiKiss est un wiki simple à utiliser et déployer. WiKiss wiki is a simple to use and deploy. Il ne nécessite que PHP s'installe et se configure en 2 minutes chrono. It only requires PHP installs and configures itself in 2 minutes flat.

PumaWiki is inspired of TigerWiki. It keeps its major features.


List of wiki software
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This is a list of notable wiki software applications.

WikiIndex is about building bridges - between wiki communities and people who start a wiki. We have 4,637 pages about wikis, wiki people and wiki ideas.

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