WiKissMe // Plugins

Last modified : 2009-08-16 11:04:09

WiKissMe supports plugins.

List of the standard plugins:
Plugin Blog
Plugin Cleanup
Plugin Comments
Plugin Debug
Plugin ModulesInfo
Plugin PageInfo
Plugin PluginsInfo
Plugin Recent
Plugin TestPlugin
Plugin TOC

BlogBlog management module rank:3 config_file:blog
CleanupCleanup unnecessary text from a page. Removes unused blocks. rank:3 config_file:cleanup
CommentsComments management module rank:3 config_file:comments
DebugDebug info (this is a test plugin for now, it does not do anyhing) rank:3 config_file:debug
ModulesInfoPrints out some modules information rank:1
PageInfoPrints out some page information rank:1
PluginsInfoPrints out some plugins information rank:3
RecentRecent pages rank:3
TOCTable of contents. rank:1
TestPluginTest plugin. rank:3

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